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These workshops are organized in my home/studio an a relaxing atmosphere. A small group setting. allows me to get to know my students, in order to help them find their creative potential. Also I offer Portfolio Preparation one to one sessions and experienced guidance for students who are applying to a post-secondary Art and Design related program.
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Workshop Overview

My goal is to show people ways in which they can live a more enriching life centered around creating art works. Creativity is a great source of enjoyment and personal growth. It is the expression of our desire to be happy.

My Beliefs
Recharging our creative batteries is sometimes difficult - when left alone by ourselves. Everyone needs to have someone else really "hear them out" and listen in a deep, caring, way. To encourage and help them on their artistic journey. This is something I have done for many people and can do for you.

Learning How to DRAW and Sketch
This workshop introduces hands-on techniques for students, designers, cartoonists, educators and other creative professionals how to sketch things you want to make. You will learn how to draw conceptually and experiment.

Creativity Workshops

In my workshops I invite you to explore your creativity in an open-ended atmosphere. Bring your dreams and memories, relax and share with others. My workshops are designed for artists of all levels of experience and background, a group-work in imagination and play in a non-competitive environment. Regardless of the medium you choose - textile, paint, digital camera or computer - you are encouraged to become playful as a child and discover the artist within you.

Why to attend these workshops?
To update your knowledge of the creative process
• Create and develop your artistic voice
• Look for new ideas
• Share ideas with others
• Explore artistic play technique

Creativity Coaching
As your creativity coach, I invite you to work hard, think and dream big, and reach for greatness as you stretch toward your full potential. I will point the way for you to find a vital and authentic life.

Why to use a creative coach?
• To leapfrog over creative blocks
• To manage too many and confusing ideas
• To escape a feeling of isolation
• To reality-test your dreams and aspirations
• To find a balance between your dayjob and art
• To explore new ways of marketing your work

Added help
Creativity coaching is also available for artists in all disciplines
• By e-mail
• In person

Please contact by e-mail or complete the registration form for additional inquires.

"Margit's a thoughtful and dedicated listener. Her soft style complements these enriching workshops that serve as a guide for anyone looking for that creative nudge." Vera Kiriloff - Arts Ottawa East-Arts Council

"Once in a great while you find that unique artist who doesn't just want to create their own art, but wants to go beyond and help other artists. This is Margit Hideg, an unusual woman with an unusual mission. This native of Transylvania, now living in Cantley where she has her studio, but exhibits in Montreal and internationally, and gives workshops as a Creativity Coach at her studio and to arts groups in the region, feels there is much work to be done in her community. As an English speaker with a charming Eastern European accent, she feels much could be done in particular in the Wakefield and Chelsea area. She would like to not only nurture and support local artistic groups but be involved with others to promote events, seminars, professional development activities and workshops." -Sam C. Lab writer Hull, QC

"I found your talk and slide presentation exciting and thought provoking. I especially liked your slide with the “list of questions for artist’s to consider” I am relatively new to OOTB (I joined last fall) and am finding the community atmosphere of our group supportive and inspirational. Recently I have been allowing myself to be open and welcome to the yearning artist inside of me. Joining the group was a big step in the right direction. I feel a great surge of creatively and happiness these days...a kind of finding of myself. It is incredible to discover others who think and feel the same way. Hearing you talk about creativity and sharing my inner thoughts outloud at last night’s meeting was a moving experience for me. I am grateful for OOTB and the opportunity to hear you speak! - Carol Howard Donati. Artist -Out of the Box

"I did not get a chance to speak to you last night after your talk, but wanted to tell you that I very much enjoyed all of the issues that you raised about the many layers of the "puzzle" of living a creative life. Thanks again for an interesting talk" - Jean Gerster, Fiber Artist






One Session / 6 hours

Workshop Overview



2 sessions / 8 hours

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3 sessions /12 hours

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4 sessions / 8 hours
Location: Cantley Studio

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