Learning How to Draw and Sketch
8 sessions workshop (one session two hours)

Drawing is a thinking tool. When you draw you have to observe mindfully and play in the same time. Drawing makes your brain happy. It helps you planning your project and to develop a big-picture thinking.

Margit will share with you how her drawing skills helped to succeed as a graphic designer.
Her step-by-step approach will go from visual reckoning, sighting to final drawings.

Participants will leave my studio with a greater understanding of how important is drawing in developing your visual thinking
and how valuable asset is drawing throughout your life.

You can expect to learn:
- Drawing from Observation
- The Elements of Drawing
- All Things to Considered in Composition
- The Habit of Sketching
- How to Develop Personal Vision

- Self-Critique Guide

Don't miss this important opportunity to learn skills needed to succeed in your design career.

Cost of this class: $240 (includes one hour free coaching session)

Number of Participants: max 6 people per workshop.