One Day Workshop for Artists

Artists often live in an altered state between imagination and reality. So they may find it hard to understand that it is important not only to have great ideas but to make these work in the real world.

Margit Hideg will help participants to gain confidence and adapt to standard marketing methods to promote and sell their art.
Her step-by-step approach will go from the planning process, to reality testing, show the uses of market research (with actual case studies), and how to craft a powerful brand identity.

Participants will leave this seminar with a greater understanding of how the artist's role is being transformed in today's consumer culture and how to operate in newer more effective ways.

You can expect to learn:
- Gain new confidence as an artist
- Do effective market research
- Forge a powerful brand identity
- Clearly communicate your artistic message
- Discover new ways to market artworks

Don't miss this important opportunity to learn skills needed to market yourself and designed to get results.

Cost of this class: $118 (includes one hour free coaching session)

Number of Participants: 4 people per workshop